Shiawase no Kagami / しあわせの鏡

Shiawase no Kagami / しあわせの鏡 : “mirror of happiness”

shiawase / しあわせ
no / の
A particle indicating that the previous word modifies the next word (almost equivalent to “of”)
kagami / 鏡

Ah! This song! I get the energy sucked out of me every time I hear this song because I just get really into it. Her voice is very clear, the strings give the song a certain fullness, the various instruments come in at just the right times, and the crescendos are just perfect! This is one of the songs that makes me glad I went through The Predicament; it’s just so, so very well done. Seriously, whoever arranges her songs is a genius (and Oku Hanako isn’t too bad herself)!

Furthermore, the lyrics are in a class of their own. The music alone suggests that the song is beautiful, and understanding the lyrics makes it all the more so. It’s just so much packed into it, I can’t even begin to explain.

I must warn you, though, depending on your mood, you may not be able to appreciate this song in its fullest capacity. I recommend during a quiet time, when there are few distractions, or even when you and your sweetheart are alone, together; this is a love song, after all, and a very beautiful one at that.

Hanako Oku – Shiawase no Kagami []



Zutto soba de aruiteyukou ima koko ni chikau yo shiawase ni narou

Kyou kara anata to futari de onaji keshiki wo mite
kurikaeshiteyuku hibi ga nani yori itoshii hibi

Anata ga ureshii toki wa watashi no waratteiru deshou
shiawase no kagami ga itsumo futari no kokoro wo utsushiteyuku

Zutto soba de aruiteyukou sorezore no mirai ga kasanatteyuku
ai wo ai wo anata ni ageru ima koko ni chikau yo shiawase ni narou

Anata no koto wa nandemo shiteru tsumori dakedo
kore kara nanjuunen kakete motto anata wo shitteyuku

Sukoshizutsu otona ni natte otagai chigau koto wo shita
ki ga tsukeba zurai toki hodo anata ga tonari ni itte kureta nee

Zutto soba de aruiteyukou futari de erandeku hitotsu no michi wo
ai wo ai wo wasurenaide nee sore dake areba ii sore dake de ii

Anata to deatte futari ni natte shiawase no kagami wo mitsuketa kara

Ai wo ai wo anata ni ageru sorezore no mirai ga kasanatte yuku
ai wo ai wo anata ni ageru ima koko ni chikau yo shiawase ni narou

Transliteration by Tsukiokuhime


ずっとそばで歩いて行こう 今ここに誓うよ 幸せになろう

今日からあなたと二人で 同じ景色を見て
繰り返してゆく日々が 何より愛しい日々

あなたが嬉しい時は 私も笑っているでしょう
しあわせの鏡がいつも 二人の心を映してゆく

ずっとそばで歩いてゆこう それぞれの未来が重なってゆく
愛を愛を あなたにあげる 今ここに誓うよ 幸せになろう

あなたの事は何でも 知ってるつもりだけど
これから何十年かけて もっとあなたを知ってゆく

少しずつ大人になって お互い違う恋もした
気がつけば辛いとき程 あなたが隣にいてくれたね

ずっとそばで歩いてゆこう 二人で選んでゆく一つの道を
愛を愛を 忘れないでね それだけあればいい それだけでいい

あなたと出会って 二人になって しあわせの鏡を見つけたから

愛を愛を あなたにあげる それぞれの未来が重なってゆく
愛を愛を あなたにあげる 今ここに誓うよ 幸せになろう


English Translation

let’s walk together forever, here and now, let’s swear that we’ll be happy

from today one the two of us we’ll be seeing a same scenery
these repeating days are more beloved than anything

the moment when you’re happy is the moment when I’m laughing, right?
the mirror of happiness is always reflecting our hearts

let’s walk together forever until our future overlaps
love, love, I will give them to you, here and now, let’s swear that we will be happy

even though I’m supposed to know everything about you
from now on, as more years passed on, I’ll discover more things about you

slowly, we’re becoming adults and we will know lots of different things
then I will realized that you’re always by my side through the hardest time

let’s walk together forever on the part that we’ve choose
love, love, don’t forget it, it’s okay if we only had love by our side

I met you and it became the two of us, that’s why I can find the mirror of happiness

love, love, I will give them to you until our futures overlap
love, love, I will give them to you, here and now, let’s swear that we will be happy

Translation by Tsukiokuhime


6 thoughts on “Shiawase no Kagami / しあわせの鏡

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  4. ive been searching for her songs different sites. and i want to share them to everyone ^^ been trying to translate “chiisana hoshi” on my own too..

  5. @tpenguin LTG: i’m happy to share this collections (translations) pls delete my replies here once you posted them.. i will be glad thank you very much:)

    • I would be happy to consider any translations you have, and I will give you credit for them (unless you didn’t actually do the translation, in which case I’ll ask you for the source). I’ve filed away the translations you gave me in the comments of another post for future consideration (although I may end up using Tsukohime’s translation instead because it’s better formatted, but largely the same).
      Thank you for them, but next time, please use the contact form so the comments can stay relevant to the post.
      I try to remember to tag posts that need translations with “translation needed“, so you can check to see if you have anything that you can contribute there.
      (By the way, Yuudachi is actually “(Sudden) Evening Rain”. It’s Ameagari that’s “After the Rain”. Both will be posted in good time).

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