Bokutachi ni Dekiru Koto / 僕たちにできること

Bokutachi ni dekiru koto / 僕たちにできること : “What we can do”

bokutachi / 僕たち
“us”. “boku” / 僕 is a personal pronoun and “-tachi” / たち is a pluralizing suffix.
ni / に
A particle indicating a passive agent, similar to “by” in English (as in “I was moved by the song.”).
dekiru / できる
“to be able to”
koto / こと

“Bokutachi ni Dekiru Koto” is one of those songs that is guaranteed to get you really absorbed in the song if you’re in the right mood. It’s a beautiful song, both in music and lyrics (I have to put up with a machine translation), and Oku Hanako shows off some powerful vocals.

I recommend listening to it when you feel like being quiet.

僕たちにできること / 奥華子 by 0283hiro [YouTube]
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