Kimi no Sora / きみの空

Kimi no Sora / きみの空 : “Your sky”

kimi / きみ
no / の
A possessive particle indicating that the previous word modifies the next word (almost equivalent to “of”)
sora / 空

I first heard Kimi no Sora early on while searching for Oku Hanako’s songs on YouTube, back when I had very litte knowledge of her discography. Now I know that this song was released in 2006 on her first major album, Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho / やさしい花の咲く場所 .

Even after getting familiar with the album, I wouldn’t expect to hear something like “Kimi no Sora” on that album. Perhaps it’s because it’s darker than the rest of the songs on the album.

Hanako Oku – Kimi no sora (Sub. Español – Kanji – Romanización) by 250399giselle [YouTube]

Normally, I’d be deterred by synth drums (probably because I’m a percussionist), but I didn’t mind it at all in this song.



taiyou ga me wo samasu natsu no kagerou
bokutachi ga deaeta maboroshi
totsuzen janaku sono hi wa yattekita
itsumo no you ni kimi wa nemutteiru noni
fureta te ga tsumetakatta

kimi no koe wo kikaseteyo boku no namae wo yondeyo
‘Sayonara’ wa ienaiyo nakisakebu kaze ga yanda koro ni
mou ichido deaeru kara

kuyashikute aitakute kotoba mo denakute
tada kumon no hazama wo miteita
arekara choudo ichinen ga sugita
kimi ga nokoshita mono wa atatakasugite
imamo mada afureteiru
kimi no koe wo kikaseteyo boku no namae wo yondeyo
yume no naka de ii kara ai ni kite hoshii
mouichidou kimi wo kono te de dakishimetai

wasureru koto nante dekinai kedo boku wa boku narini ikite yukuyo
ano koro yori zutto tsuyokunatte “kimi” to iu sora ni mimamorare nagara
nando demo nando demo
umarekawatta toki niwa motto kimi to hanashitai
“sayonara” wa iwanaiyo nakisakebu kaza’iki ga yanda koro ni
mouichido deaeru kara

Transliteration by asoka_gal


太陽が目を覚ます 夏の陽炎
僕たちが出会えた まぼろし

突然じゃなく その日はやってきた
いつものように 君は眠っているのに
触れた手が 冷たかった

君の声を聞かせてよ 僕の名前を呼んでよ
「さよなら」は言えないよ 泣き叫ぶ風が止んだ頃に
もう一度 出会えるから

悔しくて 会いたくて 言葉も出なくて
ただ 雲の狭間を見ていた

今もまだ 溢れている

君の声を聞かせてよ 僕の名前を呼んでよ
夢の中でいいから 会いに来て欲しい
もう一度君を この手で抱きしめたい

忘れる事なんて出来ないけど 僕は僕なりに生きてゆくよ
あの頃よりずっと強くなって ”きみ”という空に見守られながら
何度でも 何度でも

生まれ変わった時には もっと君と話したい
「さよなら」は言わないよ 泣き叫ぶ風息が止んだ頃に
もう一度 出会えるから


English Translation

The rising of the sun across the horizon
Under the shimmering of hot air
Our meeting is an illusion

It’s not sudden that the day has finally came
Even though you are asleep, like always
The cold touch of your hand

Let me hear your voice, calling my name
I can’t say the word ‘Goodbye’ because when the howling wind comes to a standstill
we will meet again once more

It’s vexing
I want to meet you
To the extent that it can’t be put into words
but between the clouds, I’m able to do so

It has been a year since
yet till now, the things that you left are still brimming with warmth

Let me hear your voice, calling my name
Even if it’s in my dreams, I still want to meet you
Once again, I wish you will hug me tight

I can’t forget about the times that we have shared
but I will live my life in my own way
Compared to then, I have become much stronger
While watching over the sky called ‘you’

In my next life, I want to talk to you more
I won’t say the word ‘Goodbye’ because when the gust of the howling wind comes to a standstill
we will meet again once more

Translation by asoka_gal


3 thoughts on “Kimi no Sora / きみの空

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  3. Thanks to asoka_gal for the English translation, and you for posting.

    On this and some of her other songs there is a mention of “in my next life” and similar Buddhist(?) themes on reincarnation.
    The gravitational pull on my heart is even stronger now : )

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