Jiyuu no Kame / 自由のカメ

Jiyuu no Kame / 自由のカメ: “free turtle”, or the “tortoise of liberty”

jiyuu / 自由
Freedom, liberty
no /
A particle indicating that the previous word modifies the next word
kame / カメ

I’ll feature this song for her piano-playing; she doesn’t often play like this, but when she does, it’s a treat. Even though this is one of her indies songs, it’s one that can be presented to an inexperienced Oku Hanako listener (that’s not to say that her other indies works can’t, but sometimes it’s better to wait until they can fully appreciate it). Jiyuu no Kame was one of the first songs of hers that I heard on YouTube, I couldn’t figure out what album it came from, so I couldn’t get it.

The best way I could describe this song is “happy”. Perhaps you can do better; listen to it:

Oku Hanako 自由のカメ with English lines by mokade3 [YouTube]

For those of you waiting for an arranged song, don’t worry, I’ll post one next week.



Kyou wa nani mo yaru koto ga naku mezurashiku gohan wo tsukutte mita
Jibun no tame ni nani ka yaru nante tottemo hisashiburina ki ga shita yo

Mainichi ironna kotoba ni madowasa re jibun no kono kotoba sae mo utagatte shimau
Tomodachi to yoberu tomodachi wo kazoete miruto doko kara ga tomodachina no ka kangaete shimau

Ra… Watashi wa koko de ra… Iki shi teru

Shiawaseda yo konnani jiyuu ni hito wo aiseru nante
Shiawaseda yo konnani jiyuu ni uta wo utaeru nante

Hitori de heya ni iru toki nanka yori tokai no machi-chuu ga naniyori sabishii ne
Kakushin no moteru mono nante nani hitotsu naku
Ashita ga doko ni aru no ka mo wakaranaku naru ne

Moshimo umarekawareru to shitara kame ni natte nan hyaku-nen mo ikite miyou ka na
Soshite ningen ni tsubuyaite wa,” zutto mukashi kara kono manmada yo” miru

La… Watashi wa koko de La… Iki shi teru/

Shiawaseda yo konnani chiisana koto de nayame ru nante
Shiawaseda yo konnani jiyuu ni ikiru koto ga dekiru nante/
Hito wo kanashima se tari hito o yorokoba se tari
Hito wo nikunde mi tari hito ni yasashiku shi tari
Hito wa minna chigau youde hito wa minna onaji nanda
Dare mo ga kizutsuki naite iru

Shiawaseda yo konnani jiyū ni hito o aiseru nante
Shiawaseda yo konnani jiyū ni ikiru koto ga dekiru nante

Transliteration by nemomb


今日は何もやる事がなく 珍しく御飯を作ってみた
自分の為に何かやるなんて とっても久しぶりな気がしたよ

毎日いろんな言葉に惑わされ 自分のこの言葉さえも疑ってしまう
友達と呼べる友達を数えてみると どこからが友達なのか考えてしまう

La… 私はここで La… 息してる

幸せだよ こんなに自由に 人を愛せるなんて
幸せだよ こんなに自由に 歌を唄えるなんて

一人で部屋にいる時なんかより 都会の街中が何より寂しいね

もしも生まれ変われるとしたら カメになって何百年も生きてみようかな
そして人間につぶやいてみる 「ずっと昔からこのまんまだよ」

La… 私はここで La… 息してる

幸せだよ こんなに小さな事で悩めるなんて
幸せだよ こんなに自由に生きる事ができるなんて

人を悲しませたり 人を喜ばせたり
人を憎んでみたり 人に優しくしたり
人はみんな違うようで 人はみんな同じなんだ

幸せだよ こんなに自由に人を愛せるなんて
幸せだよ こんなに自由に生きることができるなんて

From okuhanako.net


I have nothing to do today, so cooked unusually for me,
“Now I’m doing something for myself,” I thought, “after a very long time”.

Every day I’m puzzled by different words, and at a loss even by those words of mine
I tried to count friends of mine, perplexing where to line between friends and acquaintances.

La, La… I’m here. La, La… and breathing.

I’m so happy that I love my people so freely,
I’m so happy that I sing songs so freely.

You feel lonely most in the crowd on the street, rather than when alone in your room, don’t you?
Nothing to believe in anywhere, you’re not sure where tomorrow is, are you?

Were I to be born again, I’d be tortoise, to live a hundred years.
and mutter to people, “I’ve always been constant since ancient times.”

La, La… I’m here. La, La… and breathing.

You’re so happy that you can be worried about such a tiny thing,
You’re so happy that you can live on earth in such a freedom.

Worrying others, delighting others
Hating others, and gentle with others
People seem all to be different but are all the same
Anyone wounded and weeping

We’re so happy that we can love our people in such a freedom
We’re so happy that we can live on earth in such a freedom

La la la…

Translation by mokade3


4 thoughts on “Jiyuu no Kame / 自由のカメ

    • You’re very welcome! It makes me happy to see other fans enjoying this site. That’s actually one of the reasons why I decided to start it: to possibly connect with other fans like you and me, because the only other fans that I know are the ones to whom I’ve introduced her. All the resources for Oku Hanako are in Japanese (for obvious reasons), so hopefully this site will be a useful resource for her English-speaking fans.

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      Thanks for visiting!

    • Finally, right? As much as I would like to learn Japanese, I can’t do it in a short amount of time. Besides, many English-speaking people love her music, so I wanted something I could use to meet other fans and also perhaps to create new ones. What better way to do that than to share her music?
      Anyway, thanks for following!

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